My 2023

I haven't written a blog for a long time recently. I am writing this blog to understand myself better.

My evaluation for 2023 is mediocre.

So let's get started. I worked for two months from February to April, at another relative's factory. The relative is nice, but some older relatives still disgust me. I earned some money from work. But I couldn't stand the long hours, so I went back to my hometown (being a homebody). During this time, I went to the library for a few days, but couldn't finish reading the books I wanted because the landlord didn't renew the lease on the house QAQ. During this time, I met a guy who installed broadband, and he was really nice. He even gave me a router.

In June, my grandmother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and I felt very heavy-hearted. Everyone gradually returned to their hometown. Rare reunions. I wasn't particularly sad either. Just like when my grandmother passed away, I mourned and accepted it. It's also possible that I didn't invest too much emotion.

But there are some things this summer that I really liked. That is "The Dangerous Things in My Heart". It occupied my entire summer. The OP song "Slanting Sun" is still my favorite band, Yourushika. No matter how many times I listen to it, I never get tired of it! The anime is really sweet, let's shout "Kimon" together!!

Of course, I like more than just this anime, there is also "The Funeral of Fraylen" that made me think about time. What anime must I watch this year? It must be "Stellar Sensing" by Houbunsha. The OP song is like a direct connection between the Earth and the universe, it's very beautiful.

In October, I met a very cute Shiba Inu/Akita dog!




In November, the distance between my hometown and the small town is really far. Every time I receive a package, I have to walk a long way. There is also a long walk to the bus stop, and the bus fare is like postage. So I bought an electric bike - 2000 yuan. I rode the electric bike to a mountaintop and enjoyed the scenery. It was really beautiful. And on the way back, maple leaves kept falling with the wind. Autumn is coming to an end!










In December, I bought a guitar. I really love music, so I want to play it myself. I'm really working hard to practice.

In mid-December, I went to another city to find a job. Until now, due to poor communication with the store manager, I haven't been able to start working. Later, she found someone else, and I was really frustrated. It's really difficult to find a job at my age. There's no choice, I'm considering going back to my hometown recently.

The game I played the most this year is CS2. The graphics are good, but the brightness is a bit dazzling. It's highly competitive, but sometimes I get killed because I'm not good enough. After all, if you don't play for 1000 hours, you can't really get into the game. I get really excited and happy when I make amazing plays! Another charm of this game is being able to communicate with teammates through voice chat and meeting interesting teammates. You can also study tactics to help win the game. Anyway, this game is really fun!

I also played the game "King of Glory". In a five-player match, a stranger joined and unexpectedly my brother hit it off with her. Then she came to our city and gave me a gift, a Konachan figure (X?).

Finally, my friend, Udon! Thank you, Udon, for being with me throughout the year. Sigh, Udon.


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